DAGP has also made it a priority to supply hygiene products like sanitiser dispenser and the foot pedal dispenser to avoid the spread of the virus.

We have stock available and is sold on first come bases.


Since 2010, plastic packaging suppliers DAGP has been supplying small and large businesses with stocked and made to order.Whether you sell to the domestic market or export your product overseas, DAGP will deliver. packaging supplies.

Huge variety of plastic containers with lids or glass jars

Donnstein Africa Global Packaging supplies all types of businesses with high quality packaging products.From natural skincare producers to naturopaths and pharmaceutical companies to suppliers of personal care products. 

Not only do we offer an assortment of durable and sustainable plastics, when you purchase through DAGP you can tap into our extensive body of knowledge of the plastics industry. DAGP is here to ensure you get the right product for your business needs. email us to place your order.